Measuring Success

One of the most persistent questions that we ask ourselves is, “Am I Successful?” After all, you would not be pursuing goals, starting businesses or furthering your education if this were not the objective. The need to feel as though we are achieving something with our lives is common. No one sets out to do anything without caring whether they succeed or fail.

But what is success? The answer to this is different for everyone. To some it’s having things – a big fancy house, luxury vehicles, and the finest of everything. To others it’s making an impact. Perhaps you want to advance technology and change the way that something is currently done. Or, maybe you want to have a positive effect on the lives of as many people as possible. For some, success is defined by how much money they make. They may not need the fancy things, but financial freedom and security is their only goal.

The truth is none of these definitions of success are right, or wrong. You can’t measure yourself against the achievements of others, what they aspire to be or how they choose to live. And it really doesn’t matter what you accomplish if you’re fundamentally discontent. There is but one universal measurement for success; and that is feeling genuinely happy and at peace when you go to bed at night. If you make it to this place you are succeeding in the only area that truly matters.

Find and do what gets you there.

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