How to Find Your Happiness

It’s true, all the sayings about happiness being an inside job and something you don’t find, but rather create. If it were easy everyone would do it though, right? Who doesn’t want to be happy? One thing is certain, if you attach your sense of happiness to other people and things, it will always be temporary. Here are a few suggestions to help you cultivate a culture of happiness within.


  1. Stay away from toxic situations
    It is impossible to be happy when constantly surrounded by negativity. Simple as that. You can’t continue to engage with situations or people that are bad for your mental and emotional well-being. Doesn’t matter who it is. Some people you may have to love from afar.

  2. Learn yourself
    Often, we don’t know ourselves well enough to even understand what makes us happy. We allow others to define who we are, and we just like whatever they like. Figure out what makes you tick and gives you a sense of fulfillment, independent of anyone else.


  1. Be true to yourself
    Once you’ve learned yourself, be authentically the person that you have discovered. If your friends like to do things you don’t enjoy or agree with, find new friends. If you’re going to school for something that your parents want you to study and not a subject that you’re actually interested in, change your major. Living a life that contrasts with who you really are will inevitably create inner turmoil, and happiness cannot exist in this environment.


  1. Learn to meditate
    Meditation does not have to be practiced in the traditional sense, though there are many different methods available and certainly one that would work for you. But meditation can be anything that calms you and brings you inner peace, which is directly related to happiness. Find an activity that helps you be present, thinking of nothing and just existing in that space. Some people build model airplanes, paint, or do yoga. Having something that takes you away from the cares of the world, even if for just a few moments, will go a long way to helping you maintain a sense of joy.


  1. Be good to yourself
    Treat yourself to things that you enjoy. Buy that new pair of shoes. Chase your dreams. Visit places you’ve always wanted to see. If you’re good to yourself, you’ll feel good about yourself and be less inclined to accept poor treatment from others.
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