Stop Wasting Time

TIME, not money or other resources is your greatest commodity. It is the one thing that you can never get back, and that continues to lessen even when you are not actively doing anything. Yet, we waste it often on things that serve no purpose or even negatively impact our lives.

Time is your currency. Spend it wisely by avoiding these three biggest time-wasters:

1. Worrying
Worrying is not only a waste of time, but a waste of your thoughts. It has never solved a single problem. And often, we worry about things that are never even going to happen. We make ourselves sick over feared possibilities. At least wait and see if the situation actually comes to fruition.

Instead of worrying about the problem, focus on finding a solution. If there isn’t one, then force yourself to think about something else every time it comes to mind, or look for the positive aspects. Stressing over it won’t change anything.

2. Complaining
Like worrying, complaining does not solve anything. Starting to notice a theme here? If it isn’t productive then it is an ineffective use of your time and energy. The worst thing about complaining is that it often takes things to the next level and not only affects you, but makes everyone around you miserable as well.

We all need to vent from time to time, but if you find yourself always having something negative to say or griping about the same things over and over again, there is a problem. Change the situation, leave the situation or accept it – no sense complaining.

3. Comparing
It’s great to look to those who have achieved the things that you aspire to for guidance or motivation, but don’t compare yourself to them. Don’t compare what you have against what they have. Set your own standards to measure yourself against.

The futility of comparing ourselves to other people is that we allow what they have achieved to dictate our sense of accomplishment and self-worth, when our circumstances may be vastly different. Your path is your own. Use the success of others as a blueprint, not a roadmap.